Massage Marketing Tips
That You Can
Feel Good Using

Why force yourself to use massage marketing tips that you don't feel comfortable using?

This free site is full of very successful massage marketing tips that you can enjoy using because these tips don't focus on you trying to sell yourself. Instead, you will learn that the very best massage marketing is always a valuable service to your clients. It is good for them.

That is great news for you, because it means your marketing can be a natural extension of the services you already enjoy to provide.

The old way of marketing (that most therapists use) I call:

Selling Yourself Marketing

It is all about you, which is a more masculine approach. How do you feel about trying to sell yourself? Selling yourself does not feel comfortable. Do you know why? I have come to realize that that type of marketing does not match with your business service.

There is a more natural way to market massage that I call:

Client Problem Solving Marketing

It is all about helping your clients and not just with your massage services. This is a more feminine and holistic approach.

And successful. These kinds of massage marketing tips can make a stunning difference in how easy and inexpensive it is for you to get clients and grow your business. When I finally started to get this, it was a huge breakthrough for my business. I started to love marketing.

As long as we're in contact, I may as well share something with you... I've purchased several "home study" courses in massage marketing, but none of them were as good as what you provide for free on your website. Thank you very much for your VERY VALUABLE suggestions!! -Christina Talkington -

Wow... what a great website! Thank you for sharing your've supplied me with a hoard of fabulous ideas to develop in a fashion I am comfortable with. I've been experimenting with the referral system and you've made it easy! - Maire

I just want to say that your website is an incredible resource. - Shannon


That means lots more money to do what you want, less stress and worry trying to get your business working, and more opportunity to give back to your many wonderful clients!

You really don't need 178 massage marketing tips or "secrets", or a massive marketing manual. Just do a great job setting up four to five of these very successful massage marketing tips, and you will likely never need to do any other marketing.

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Welcome. The tips you learn here were used to succesfully grow a massage practice for four therapists in three years. The practice was then sold and this site was created as a free resource to show you how to successfully market your practice.

So how is this site organized? The Massage Marketing Tips pages fit into three easy to read sections.

Massage Marketing Bones: These pages show you some powerful and universal marketing principles. Learn these and 90% of your confusion about marketing will go away. They will ground you in understanding on what great marketing is, how it works, and how to create it yourself. The bones are the solid base from which every marketing effort begins and flows from.

Massage Marketing Muscles: The muscles are your action steps. These are all the "great ideas" and types of advertising media that you can create and utilize. Most businesses spend all their time focusing on advertising marketing. But this is often a case of working harder, not smarter. The results you get from your marketing advertising is directly connected to your understanding of the bones. And just like a body, what would happen if you tried to move those muscles without any bones? You get a big mess of stuff that doesn't work very well.

Massage Marketing Skin: These are your feeling tools. If something hurts, you move, you change (you get a massage!). The massage marketing skin pages show you how to track your marketing results, how to listen to your client's needs, and how to change to make every effort great. These are also your planning tools, to make sure your marketing Bones and Muscles are correctly aligned with your clients, and your needs.

Now, start reading the first of the Massage Marketing Bones tips - Successfull Massage Marketing Without Selling Yourself.

And after you have gotten everything you can out of this site, here are some great resources for more massage marketing products on other sites - More Massage Marketing Products.


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